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A complex platform for generating financing offers for companies


Welcome to the Offer Generator.
We provide you with a new generator of offers for financing proposals for entrepreneurs.
The comparison engine is:
– all Banks in one online space
– search engine for offers and products by industry and turnover
– access to online knowledge – blog, vlog, newsletter
– professional helpdesk

A wide range of products

credit limit

revolving loan

investment loan


credit for developers



bank guatantees


search by product purpose

detailed price parameters

prints of offers for clients

bank forms

own logotype on printouts

substantive support

saving generated offers

history of customer service


any number of account accesses

available on any device with internet

data safety



I received a comparator for testing - I am surprised that what was unavailable to me so far (I was afraid of the enormity of product materials) has become a reality. Thanks to this application, My Clients will be able to take advantage of a larger range of products and I will have more sales opportunities.

Janek Świderski – Doradca Świdnica

There are too many offers and parameters for corporate loans. It is difficult to choose the
product yourself. The offer generator solved this problem.

Paweł Andrzejewski – Doradca Hipoteczny Wrocław

I am a bit lacking in knowledge and support in the process, so far I have focused on mortgages and cash, but thanks to the company's comparator, I will definitely change my

Krzysztof Jankowski – Doradca Hipoteczny Warszawa

I did not have access to good tools when working on companies. A Company Loan is not a simple mortgage for an apartment, but thanks to the comparator I understood how simple it is. Since I have access to the comparison website, nothing resists me working with a company client.

Małgorzata Dudek – Doradca Gdańsk

have mortgages and cash loans on offer, I did not have time to learn company products, maybe I was a bit afraid that I could not do it. The offer generator showed me that the company loans are not as scary as the offer for the client I have in 5 minutes. 🙂 The generator becomes my operating system for working with a company client. 🙂
Thank you - good job.

Agnieszka Morawiecka – Pośrednik lokalny z okolic Sandomierza

So far, I have been passing leads to friendly Advisors from companies - now I am starting a new chapter in my career - thanks to the generator of offers, my new product for clients is a company loan - which means for me the development and growth of customers.

Katarzyna Madej – Doradca Szczecin

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By purchasing a longer package you gain funds for other purposes related to your business.

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Fee for 6 months

830 zł

you gain 124 zł


Package 3

Fee for 12 months

1431 zł

you gain 477 zł



The news you can find on our website – comes from information obtained directly from professional websites cooperating with Finansial, Public and Legal Institutions. We work with accounting offices; qualified experts in Financial and Real Estate Markets. Knowledge is given to us is a proven material that is designed to provide you with the most current news from the country and the world.


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